You have a match — a referral. Now you are in the waiting game — fundraising, traveling, preparing your heart and home for your child to join your family.

Adoption Grant List

There are hundreds of organizations that offer aid to families looking to adopt. Here is a brief list of some organization that may be able to help with costs. Foundations Help Us Adopt offers adoption grants up to $5,000. Adopt America Network offers subsidies to families adopting from foster care. A Child Waits Foundation offers loans to adoptive parents adopting internationally. […]

Adoption Grant  List

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Adoption Grant Tracker

  Trying to keep track of all your adoption grant information? Download our handy Google Doc grant tracker sheet and stay on top of your stuff.   To have your own editable version. Open it in a new window, go to File>Copy Spreadsheet. And good luck with your grant writing!    

10 Ways to RUIN Your Adoption Fundraiser

Fundraising for your adoption is a great way to grow your resources and draw upon the support of your family, friends, church, community or other network. However, fundraising — for any cause — is not without pitfalls. Some people have very different opinions about the appropriateness, timing, frequency, or nature of fundraising, especially for “sensitive” topics like fertility or adoption. […]

Make sure you consider these common pitfalls! From